Tips for Increasing Your Chances of Making Partner in a Law Firm

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The economic uncertainty occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic has forced many law firms to tighten their belts. It has also made the prospect of becoming a partner at a law firm seem like a pipedream. It is mainly the case for legal professionals who want to forge an illustrious career in the shortest time possible. However, you should not be discouraged because making a partner is still achievable. This article highlights tips that may increase your chances of making partner in a law firm.

Specialise in a High-Growth Sector

Law firms are businesses that need to expand and sustain operations. The moment you realise it, the faster you may start working towards business development. Junior lawyers can contribute significantly by keeping an eye on industry trends. Most importantly, it allows them to specialise in high-growth areas of the legal profession. Consequently, partners in a law firm may see you as a forward-thinking associate who has what it takes to fit in this sector. For instance, blockchain and data analytics are currently two of the sectors, which may be evident by how many reputable venture capitalists are investing in the segments. If you can engage such business executives with innovative ideas, then the chances of becoming a partner in a law firm increase exponentially.

Find a Sponsor 

Why would you need a sponsor if you can make partner by sheer grit? The first thing that partners look for is a committed attorney. However, you still need somebody who is interested in your career growth and believes in your abilities. Usually, a sponsor will look for outstanding potential and loyalty. Notably, a sponsor could be a big client to a law firm or a partner. Most importantly, a sponsor will do their best to develop you as a leader and may lobby on your behalf to the partnership committee and other members of a law firm.

Understand Your Firm's Requirements

Understandably, law firms have varying views on the requirements for making partner. Unfortunately, some middle-level lawyers have little to no idea of what the requirements entail although they aspire to become make partner. Thus, it is imperative to start candid conversations with your human resource manager regarding the conditions for becoming a partner at the law firm. It will help you to map out the route early enough.

Consider these tips if you are interested in increasing your chances of making partner in a law firm.


11 January 2021

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