Understanding Probates: What You Need to Know

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Probate is the legal process that takes place after a person passes away, where their assets and property are assessed and distributed among heirs or beneficiaries. It can be a complex and time-consuming process, requiring the expertise of a solicitor. Understanding probate is essential if you want to protect your assets, plan for the future and ensure your loved ones receive your estate without any complications. In this blog post, we’ll explore what probate is, why it’s necessary, how it works and what you can do to make the process smoother.

8 January 2024

All You Need To Know About Wills

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A will enables you to determine estate management and property division after you die. Most people do not comprehend how wills work. Below provides some insights into how wills work. Hopefully, this piece should help you draft and execute wills.  A will is a document detailing how a testator intends to divide property among beneficiaries. If you intend to write a will, the best approach would be to hire a wills and estates attorney.

26 July 2023

Conveyancing Tips To Help You Buy Property

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Buying property could be one of the items on your bucket list this year. A conveyancer is a vital aspect of the property purchasing process. Ideally, the professional helps you with legal and financial technicalities as you exchange contracts with the seller. Below are some conveyancing tips to help you as you buy property.  Assess The Registration Details It would be safe to presume that the property is legally registered if the current owner has occupied it for an extended period.

3 March 2023

The Qualities Of A Commercial Lawyer

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A commercial lawyer is a vital aspect of your business operations. However, finding the right-fit commercial lawyer can be a taxing process. This excerpt details the qualities to look for in a commercial lawyer.  Industry Knowledge Your commercial lawyer must have industry-specific knowledge. It comes in handy as they assess the legality of your enterprise and the various business deals. For instance, if you are in the import-export business, you need a lawyer who comprehends international trade rules and regulations.

10 November 2022

4 Benefits Of Hiring A Conveyancer To Handle The Property Transfer Process

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Changing property ownership is an intricate process. If you are not keen on the process, your transaction will have errors. It is advisable to hire a conveyancing professional to oversee the entire process. A conveyancer understands the legal aspect of property transactions. They can protect your best interests and ensure you do not make losses. Here are the four other benefits to expect from hiring a conveyancing pro. They Do Searches About The Home

17 August 2022

If Two People Jointly Own a Business, What Happens During a Divorce?

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When two people want to dissolve their marriage, challenges may lay ahead. They may find it difficult to make any agreement and may need to apply to a court for direction instead. The situation can become even more challenging when the two parties have a joint business interest, and if you're in this situation, you may wonder whether the business will be drawn into your dispute as well. What do you need to know?

9 May 2022

Critical Facts About Electronic Wills

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The formal processes of will creation and enforcement of a testator's wishes have primarily remained the same for centuries. However, it is no longer the case today since technological advances run the show, and electronic wills are testament. Nowadays, you can create, sign, witness and store wills online. That said, many people don't understand E-wills, given that it is a relatively new phenomenon. This article highlights critical facts about electronic wills.

24 January 2022

Top Things You Should Know About Working With a Conveyancing Professional

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If you have found a property that you want to purchase and you are ready to make that purchase, you might be thinking about hiring a conveyancing professional to help you. You might feel like hiring one of these professionals is going to be a good idea, but you might not know much about what to expect. After all, it might be your first time buying property, or it might be your first time buying property with the help of a conveyancing professional.

30 September 2021

Top FAQs About 'No Win, No Fee' Injury Agreements

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When you get injured at a workplace or on private property, such as a mall, it is advisable to hire an injury lawyer immediately. An injury lawyer conducts investigations and files for claims in cases of negligence. That said, injury lawyers charge for their services differently. Some lawyers favour an unconditional fee agreement where you pay a deposit upfront and the balance once a case is finalised. Other injury lawyers prefer the no win, no fee or conditional arrangement.

19 July 2021

Causes Of Wills Disputes

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Wills disputes occur when a party is dissatisfied with the terms of the testator's will. These disputes often occur after the testator's death as the will goes through probate. If the aggrieved party wins the case, the courts decide how to share out the testator's estate. Below is an article discussing the causes of wills disputes and how testators can avoid these incidents.  What Are The Causes Of Wills Disputes? 

19 April 2021