Have You Been Incorrectly Classified As A Casual Employee?

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Most westernised societies have very fair and clear employment laws that seek to protect both the individual worker and the employer itself. These laws have been tried and tested over many years and must be adhered to by all concerned in order to maintain a vibrant economy. Yet it may be difficult to understand these laws, and this can lead to issues on both sides, the potential for litigation and a lot of uncertainty.

14 October 2019

How to Be Certain of Your Purchase Before You Buy a Riverfront Property

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If you really like the concept of owning the ultimate room with a view, then this may have been towards the top of your priority list when out shopping for your new home. You may not have been interested in buying a terraced property that sits in the middle of a heavily built-up area but have stood your ground and have now found a property that borders a river or other publicly owned land.

4 January 2019