Causes Of Wills Disputes

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Wills disputes occur when a party is dissatisfied with the terms of the testator's will. These disputes often occur after the testator's death as the will goes through probate. If the aggrieved party wins the case, the courts decide how to share out the testator's estate. Below is an article discussing the causes of wills disputes and how testators can avoid these incidents.  What Are The Causes Of Wills Disputes? 

19 April 2021

Tips for Increasing Your Chances of Making Partner in a Law Firm

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The economic uncertainty occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic has forced many law firms to tighten their belts. It has also made the prospect of becoming a partner at a law firm seem like a pipedream. It is mainly the case for legal professionals who want to forge an illustrious career in the shortest time possible. However, you should not be discouraged because making a partner is still achievable. This article highlights tips that may increase your chances of making partner in a law firm.

11 January 2021