If Two People Jointly Own a Business, What Happens During a Divorce?

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When two people want to dissolve their marriage, challenges may lay ahead. They may find it difficult to make any agreement and may need to apply to a court for direction instead. The situation can become even more challenging when the two parties have a joint business interest, and if you're in this situation, you may wonder whether the business will be drawn into your dispute as well. What do you need to know?

9 May 2022

Critical Facts About Electronic Wills

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The formal processes of will creation and enforcement of a testator's wishes have primarily remained the same for centuries. However, it is no longer the case today since technological advances run the show, and electronic wills are testament. Nowadays, you can create, sign, witness and store wills online. That said, many people don't understand E-wills, given that it is a relatively new phenomenon. This article highlights critical facts about electronic wills.

24 January 2022