Involved in a Car Accident? How to Interact with a Police Officer


Most people consider themselves to be careful and considerate drivers who pay close attention to what they are doing whenever they are behind the wheel. They may never have been involved in an accident of any type before, but all of a sudden, they've become involved in a mild accident. After the initial shock wears off you have to have your wits about you, especially if it's unclear who was at fault.

30 August 2018

3 Considerations Before You Sue A Neighbour For A Fencing Dispute


Neighbours often have trouble for a range of reasons, and the way a common fence is set up is a common problem. But before you decide to go down the road of suing your neighbour and ruining that relationship forever, take the time to consider whether it absolutely makes sense in your particular circumstance. Before any litigation process, consider these factors when you have a fencing dispute with your neighbour.

23 May 2018

How to Pick a Conveyancing Provider That Is Right for You


After coming into some property, and everything seemingly falling to place, it can all fall apart at the final stage; transferring of documents of title from the previous owner to you. The laws around the transfer of property in Australia are quite extensive and complex. Accordingly, conveyancing often involves a series of long and complicated transactions. Without an excellent conveyancing service, the process might quickly turn into a nightmare. At the moment, too, conveyancing is something that is readily available and at a competitive rate.

25 January 2018